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Soft vs. Hard

I realized that years ago when I married my husband, a dairyman’s son and physics grad turned software engineer/consultant. I had no idea at the time that techies often meet and marry kindergarten teachers. Well, I was his, albeit a softie consultant for non-profit organizations.

After 15 years together, I now give him advice on consulting, also have time to pay the bills, write and cook.

I chose the colors and the flowers yesterday. Now, I don’t know much about flowers or design but did good and the florist did better. Thistles are hard, so is yarrow. The yellow alstroemeria softened up the mix and made it work. Just like my husband and me. We’re both smart (he’s a genius) but in different ways.

We can solve a problem and come to the same conclusion using vastly different brain processes. I’m a leftie, he’s a rightie, hands not politics. We each use a different side of the brain. Harmony with dissonance.

As to dog Zoe, she has a pack brain. She makes sure we, her pack, are with her at all times. Food, walk, pack. I’d love to come back as her as what a charmed life that would be. Cheers and enjoy the weekend! Dee