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The Romanians are here, reading this blog. And South Africans, folks from Brazil and elsewhere in Europe and the UK and Scotland, may it be free.

I planned to terminate this blog at 1,000 postsĀ and am now nearing 3,000, my current cut-off date. It still amazes me that people from all over the world read this blog, my rantings and recipes (perhaps that should become the new title of the blog). I come from a family that wouldn’t stay on the phone more than a minute because it was long-distance and now have a plan with unlimited time and data.

It is with thanks that I write this post, for sticking with me through your and my tough times. Celebrating the good days and eating well throughout.

For the first time ever I’ve found garlic scapes, which are the greens that are picked before the flowering of hard garlic. If they flower the garlic bulb we wish for will be less than what we hoped. So in early summer and late fall farmers take off the scapes to allow the garlic bulbs to grow. From what I’ve smelled they’re gorgeous, reading leads me to believe they’ll be mild and almost like asparagus.

Today I hope to make a pesto of the scapes, some basil, olive oil and parmesan over pasta, with a few sauteed scallops as a side. We’ll see how it goes. I love seeing fiddlehead ferns and other exotic ingredients as it tempts me to push the cooking envelope. No, I’m not anywhere near ready for Knife Fight. Dee