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Old Friends

The week we got back from our elopement “honeymoon” I got a out of the blue call from an old friend. A really old friend, a grade school comrade.

Transporting back to one’s youth is interesting. At age ten, he knew I played violin and carved me a wooden violin as a holiday ornament to place on our tree. He was too shy to give it to me. Yes, he told me that 13 years ago.

Now, after many years from grade school, I had to tell him, who was getting a divorce, that I’d just married my husband the other day.

We have many shared interests and keep in touch, so do our parents in the community where we were raised. I have family there. Our parents know the same people even though they’re now semi-retired. It was a village, everyone knew each other.

Things keep coming back, good memories and friends who pop up out of nowhere. Then your families are connected and there’s no need for Facebook. That’s how it is, six a.m. September 17.