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I’ve a sterling silver Claddagh ring. I actually bought it for my birthday a few years ago, thank you Husband! The hands are for friendship, the heart for love and the crown for loyalty. Mine also has a Celtic knot on the back which means everlasting.

The ring is worn on the ring finger of my right hand, as my left had already been taken over by an 18K gold band, a wedding ring, going on 15 years.

If one is single and looking, the heart is pointing outward and the crown is facing the back of your hand. If one is taken, the heart points to yours. Mine does, and will, always.

To get an 18K gold Claddagh I may have sources. It would mean a trip overseas and would have to be made for me. I do not need that right now. What is needed is to take care of my husband and our old dog. But I just found a men’s one from Ireland. Don’t know the size, though. I’ll look into it and let you know.

I’ve fitted out Zoe’s new handmade Asian silk Martingale collar (two loops, no clasp) that is of a pattern that evokes a computer chip. I also got him a charm for it with an Erlenmeyer flask, a graduated cylinder and a microscope. His roots are in math and science, physics.

He likes the heavy 16′ lead. I like 6′ twisted leather with a gold dragon pattern from the same handmade works for a collar. I’m older and have control of our old Zoe. He does not and is always on the phone, so she gets to eat icky stuff and vomit on our bed. Guess who gets to clean that mess up? Yep. Cheers, Dee



What is it? I know it but cannot describe it. It’s that not looking at one an other and simply taking a hand or arm. It’s him and our sweet dog sleeping 10 hours through a Cat 5 hurricane while I blogged it and having 149 out of 150 lofts damaged.

All but ours.

It’s me making meat and potatoes for him. It’s him buying me flowers every once in a while or taking out the dog or cleaning up vomit when he lets her eat something dead from the sidewalk.

It’s me making his favorite foods (spaghetti and meatballs, stew, steak on the grill, loaded baked potatoes) and making sure his clothes are clean and folded, dinner is ready and the house is clean. Magic!

We do not buy gifts and he does not want me to have any jewelry except what he’s bought me and I keep on 24/7. One 18K wedding band. Two 18K gold teeny hoop earrings. Two golf bracelets on my wrists with magnets for my arthritis (how sweet is that). They work!

Now we do not get gifts but I think for my birthday, Christmas and our anniversary, all spread out over three months, I would like a traditional Claddagh ring. It would be on my right hand because I’ll never take off my wedding band, so the heart would be in to show that I’m spoken for. I figure the left hand shows people I’m married already!

He just bought himself a 40″ monitor/tv for home so for half the price I can get one ring. Ask writer Calvin Trillin about Alice’s Law of Compensatory Cashflow. Well, we didn’t spent $2K for that so we can use it for this! I miss, (RIP) Alice.

Cheers and root for me! My husband got a huge TV and will be working from home a day or two a week. I and dogma deserve payment for that life disruption and she just got a new collar. Asian silk, hand-sewn, The Last Collar She’ll Ever Wear. (MIB) Dee