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Yes, I’ve had a few over some of the life choices I have made.

Back in the day I was kind of the organizer for staff and team events. When there was a birthday, newborn, engagement, retirement et al I was the go-to gal.

What little gem did I find? An old beanery from the Depression era, still the same. In the 1930’s folks would line up around the block to get a bowl of beans for five cents.

Nearly 60 years later I found it. Great corned beef and cabbage sandwiches on rye bread with deli mustard and Pabst Blue Ribbon quarts.

I would call and ask for a reservation and was always told there were no reservations. Is David there (the owner)? Tell him it’s Dee. Table for 12 at 11:30 a.m. OK. When we arrived on time there were linens on the table, four quarts of PBR and corned beef and cabbage on the stove. Yes, I can make things happen. That’s why they call me Dee. Cheers!