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Customer Service

I was just ushered out of Fazio’s Automotive, a four-year customer who has dropped several thousand dollars there and has always been treated well and fairly, in my estimation. The new desk man (turns out to be the boss’ son) yelled at me and told me the guy who helped me fix our cars, very well I might add for nearly four years, told him I was a real pain in the behind (no, he didn’t use that word). New guy is in the dictionary now for Bad Customer Service. He practically kissed the guy next to me and called him by his first name and thanked him for his business then told Luis, who was writing up my paperwork and we got along just fine until I found out they doubled all the prices from last year, to get lost. I just asked why. Luis had last year’s bill in front of him, $80 vs. $160.00

I first stopped by last Thursday morning en route from the grocery store to secure an appointment. New desk guy/owner said he may have something Tuesday but I’d have to call back in the afternoon, another day. He was rude even then. They’re closed weekends so there was only Friday and Monday for scheduling and they do have computers so I left thinking it was not a big deal, just strange and rude.

After I asked about doubling the price, the owner’s son sent Luis to the garage and said he’d take care of this. He yelled at me, asking if I wanted the service done. I said yes and had signed the paperwork and had my keys on the counter. He called Luis and said that she gets no service. Get her out of here! My registration and paperwork from last time was on the counter and I asked kindly for it back. He yelled at Luis to give it back. Poor Luis was almost shaking when he ushered me out with my registration and paperwork in hand. It was as I crossed the parking lot to my car that he yelled that the former desk guy didn’t like me either.

We’ve spent thousands of dollars there over the years. Kevin, the past desk guy, and I worked for weeks trying to find the oil leak in my husband’s car. I’d drop it off at his request, pick it up, drive it however far he wanted me to go, and take it to our garage on weekends when they were closed. I can’t believe on his way to hopefully greener pastures he would go out of his way to call me troublesome as he was always so helpful and usually I just had to come in, get the keys and give him a credit card. Oh, the guy the new owner was sucking up to had no working credit cards. Go figure.

I asked early this morning if I should send my husband in to make things easier for him, because I saw how nice he was to the guy next to me, calling him by first name and thanking him for using Fazio’s. He accused me of threatening him. I could see with my own eyes and ears that he likes working with men and despises women. Goodbye local mechanic. Goodbye Kevin. If you read this let me know where you are and I’ll come to see you from now on. This has become a dictatorship and local folks will hear about it. In my decades on earth, I have never been treated so rudely and denied service after I even agreed to doubling the charge. I can’t pretend to really know what’s under the hood, but know what my car needs and when, how to buy a new one and when I’m being hoodwinked. As of now their bad reviews for service, maintenance, repairs and customer service are stuff of legend. The only thing they have going for them is convenience.

If they want to lose all their customers, especially female, they’re well on the way to doing so. The King of Fazio land, a corner on a commercial street in Student-ville doesn’t know that I know many neighbors and dog owners I talk to every day. I believe he made a mistake yelling at me and refusing me service. He’ll find out once the rumor mill begins and there’s a big one here. Dee