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Chautauqua County Produce

As I started this blog 14 months ago I never thought that this post “How To Eat A Concord Grape” would take off and go platinum, in my world that is. This is the most viewed post on the site!

Well, I don’t think any grapes grow near where we’re living now. As I was growing up, though, we’d pick wild strawberries from our land and pay a farmer for us kids to┬ápick blueberries up the road a piece. My aunt had a cherry tree that no longer exists but my younger siblings were tasked to pick cherries each year. We’d drive down the hill when I was a kid and go to Paul’s family’s farm stand and buy fruit and hang out and eat a couple of pints while chatting, during the summer.

Chautauqua is especially known for its grapes and apples. There are other fruits and vegetables that will endure the short growing season. I loved our home there and living there as we were allowed to be tomboys for the first time! Before then we always wore skirts and lace anklets and Mary Janes. After that we wore shorts in the summer and bare feet and loved it all! Except when our neighbors placed a cherry bomb or black snake down the back of our shirts as we were running away!

This is to Juni, who came and stayed with us. Whipporwill deserves an award. It is a beautiful song that I’m trying to learn on my own, without crying over my mother’s death. It’s tough to learn and tougher not to cry. I’ll get the lyrics down first from the CD and keep working on the others. Joe & Margie are with us and enjoying the home tour and other activities like the Statehouse, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Park City and Ogden and the museums at the train depot.

Time to go to sleep. Much to do tomorrow. I think Chautauqua County will always be my spiritual home and if my ashes could be scattered anywhere, it’s in the Enchanted Forest. Only my sister and I know where that special place is, and she’s not talking! Cheers, Dee.