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2 Girls 2

Years ago I met the stellar gals from 4 Girls 4, four talented women named Rosemary Clooney, Rose Marie from Dick Van Dyke fame, Margaret Whiting and Helen O’Connell who arrived together to sing for a lot of folks.

They were not only fantastic singers, but very nice people as well. Rosemary Clooney was close to my heart. White Christmas is probably my favorite movie but she had an album back then with the tiniest bit of cleavage and my mother put a piece of masking tape over the cleavage with my name on it so I could do “show and tell” in grade school. Today I’ve seen the movie Monuments Men several times and I love that her nephew George allowed us to hear Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. Makes me cry every time.

I do not have singers in our home. I have dogs. One is our old Zoe, nearly 14 (nearly 100 in people years) and a pup, probably five months of age. Neighbors had an emergency and left the pup with me for a couple of days. People don’t call me Aunt Dee for nothing.

The dogs played last night and went out for what I call “last chance.” Shhhh, they’re both asleep. I’d like to keep it that way. My husband is away on business so they had plenty of room to share our bed. Around 1:00 in the morning pup Y tried to “spoon” with Zoe, placing her back by Zoe’s tummy. Zoe just looked up at me and asked Mom, what can I do? Y got the hint and learned to love my ankles, one paw up, perfect chin rest.

That’s why I tell folks my husband married me. We used to walk on the beach at sunset when we first met and he is a foot taller. I was the perfect chin rest.

Pup has a pee pad but only tried to eat it last night. I walked them together for the first time, this morning. Y will not let me place her harness but I’ve worked with shelter and other dogs for over 30 years so found a temporary solution. She did a great #1 then after a walk gave up #2 to the pad and the rest to our living room floor. First time I’ve ever had poop to take out to the trash!

Y is going to be a good dog. She has been much better than on her last visit, when she was teething and thought my arm was a bone. She is whining a bit and misses her folks. That is understandable, but she did poop on my floor and tried to eat my sock……

That said, they are sleeping. I’m afraid to run errands! Perhaps I can just sit at my desk and pay bills. Yes, that’s the ticket. I don’t need food. I wanted sushi. Cheers! Dee