Make Wisconsin Trump’s Again

And again. Again. Again. Again. Again.

I’ve been voting for over forty years and have never wondered what happened to my ballot once it entered the local precinct office. I do here. Never before has a losing candidate spent nearly two years trying to invalidate 3.3 million votes in one state.

I thought it was over after the last time Trump called Robin Vos, Republican Senate leader, to try to make him get the friendly (to Trump and Vos) legislature recall and invalidate our ten electoral college votes, and that was a couple months ago.

But no, the fat lady hasn’t sung yet. First our trusty (ahem) U.S. Senator Ron Johnson, who’s done nothing for the past six years but deny COVID and call for investigations into Hunter Biden, oh, and run for reelection, wanted to hand-deliver fake elector certificates to former V.P. Mike Pence on the floor of the House on 1/6/21. And not just a fake certificate for his own state of Wisconsin but for another state as well. Bravo, Ron, you represent your people so well.

Now the State Supreme Court has invalidated drop boxes so when I drop my absentee ballot into the box in the elector’s offices downtown, my husband has to keep the air conditioning on in my car for the dog, then we have to switch places and he has to go to the 5th floor in the creepy elevator and repeat the process because otherwise I can be arrested for “harvesting” ballots.

Our former governor Scott Walker made sure the place was gerrymandered so the Democrats will never see power in the legislature, now the Supreme Court is taking up a ridiculous position that only the legislature can decide on electors, voters be damned. If we don’t keep a Democratic governor, Wisconsin will cease to be a democratic state in that voters will no longer choose their elected officials and electors for the Electoral College.

Aside from Milwaukee and Madison, this is principally a rural state, they don’t call us Cheeseheads for nothing. Drop boxes were a godsend during the pandemic when we had no vaccines and no therapeutics for treating COVID-19. It wasn’t a conspiracy, it was a public health crisis.

If you don’t think we’re backwards yet, consider that the abortion law that is now in effect, since Dobbs was overturned, hasn’t been revisited since 1849. Yes, 173 years ago. I told my husband that if our votes no longer count and a woman’s health is worth nothing, it’s time to move. But first we need a Democrat for governor, and to get rid of Sen. Ron Johnson.

I just got a button that says “Vote like your life depends on it, because it does.” Never truer than now. Vote! Dee


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