Plotting, Not Plodding

Think about what’s been happening the past few weeks as an innocent democratic republic is besieged by a megalomaniacal dictator, who wants to take over a sovereign nation for his ego, legacy or both.

In the United States, the right wing is apoplectic, calling the Russian invasion of Ukraine the fault of Joe Biden, and saying that under Donald Trump, everything would be hunky dory. Wrong!

Behind-the-scenes negotiations have so far chastened the unwelcome usurpers, and united our allies and our fellow Americans to the importance of democracy. Just because Joe Biden isn’t hammering away at voter rights in the good ol’ US of A doesn’t mean it’s not foremost in his mind.

Just because he wants to allow NATO members and other nations to be a part of a united effort and is not out in front of the cameras tooting his own horn every day, doesn’t mean President Biden is not hard at work on our behalf of our nation and democracy around the world.

Yes, he’s not touting “love letters” from dictators or sucking up calling them brilliant and savvy. Yea for that! He’s not denigrating our own intelligence services or illegally hoarding Congressionally- appropriated aid to Ukraine to get political dirt for his campaign. And he’s not keeping a pandemic quiet and refusing to assist dying people because they come from “blue states” so are not “American” enough to be granted assistance by the federal government.

Hillary Clinton once asked who we’d want to answer the phone at three o’clock in the morning in an international emergency. Given the choice of Donald Trump or Joe Biden, I’ll pick Biden every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Every President has armchair quarterbacks in the opposing party and in the media, people who’ve never written a proverbial book but feel superior because they can criticize its’ writing. President Biden has a huge monkey on his back, however, called Donald Trump. Donald Trump is the perennial backseat driver that never shuts up.

Wake up, Americans. This is the world we live in. Do we want Vladimir Putin to run Europe? He wants to bite off a big chunk of it right now. First, Ukraine then former SSR’s. Do we want partisans to take over our elections at home, taking our votes and changing them so whoever they say wins, wins? Well, I certainly don’t.

Give our President a chance to do what he does best, and know we selected the right person for the job. Long live an independent Ukraine! Dee


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