V Day?

D Day? I don’t know and I don’t care, it’s time to celebrate. I lift my sore arm to type to you that this is Victory for Dee Day as it is Vaccine for Dee Day! Yes, I got my second shot of Pfizer and in two weeks all my immune system will be full speed ahead to fight this COVID-19 plague.

I’ve heard such disinformation on the news of late, from folks like Tucker Carlson telling strangers to call Child Protective Services on mothers whose young children are wearing a mask, to someone I’ve never heard of telling his large audience not to get the vaccine.

Tell you the truth, I believe the doctors and public health professionals. That’s why my husband and I got our second shot today. And no, people don’t want to prolong this pandemic by asking for masks and distancing for just a while longer, they’re just trying to keep us safe. I’d rather be safe than lose a family member or friend, or die of this horrible virus.

Truth-seeking as I’m hearing on the news that 40% of Republican men won’t get vaccinated, I asked my nurse today if there was any problem in having people return for the second dose. Granted this is just one clinic around the nation, but she said that mostly it’s first timers who aren’t showing up. That would make sense as we had appointments two days early for shots given two days after everyone over 18 was eligible (now it’s age 16) and back then, what seems like a long time ago, people had to make appointments at several clinics to make sure they could get in, then they took the first available date and forgot to cancel the others.

If you’re using social media that is tailored to your likes/dislikes please check out your local news for info on why it’s necessary to get the shots, that it’s not scary, and where to go with/without an appointment. You’ll save your life and many others. Better yet, call your doctor.

You’ll say this is none of my business, but it is because I’m your co-worker, your neighbor, your friend. I care about you and hope you feel the same. Whether we like it or not, there will be vaccine passports that will be used by private businesses that you may want to patronize, like going to a concert or taking that vacation to Europe. If you don’t take the vaccine, you won’t be allowed to go. And don’t go blaming it on the concert promoter or airline.

I’ve been involved in privacy law for nearly forty years and I don’t want any business knowing my full health history for the last six decades but I don’t have a problem with a QR code that says I’m current on my COVID vaccines. Foreign governments won’t accept the hand-written CDC cards we’re now trying to clumsily (because of its size) carry in our wallets. Think about it. Right now I’m sharing my happiness with you that in two weeks I’ll be able to walk my dog without a mask. Cheers! Dee


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