COVID Relief?

It’s clear to me that our representatives in Washington, D.C. would not recognize a constituent if they met one. They certainly don’t know what we need, which is a healthy vaccine dose(s) and a shot in the arm economically as well. It’s a good thing that our new President is on the road (not to see yours truly, but he will be right down the street) to let the Beltway Bandit Gang that there is a there there in the huge US of A and we’re desperate for legislative relief.

I’m talking today, however, about another type of COVID relief. The late night comedy kind. As we’ve cocooned the past year in our abodes I’ve depended on the news to keep me up to date on things like today’s crazy weather and impeachment number whatever, late night has become a staple of this usual early bird. I love Fallon, Seth, and SNL for entertaining us the past year but biggest kudos for me go to Stephen Colbert and his team at A Late Show.

From the early days of his backyard to growing his hair and always testing the limits, Mr. Colbert has shown his wit and wisdom and a bit of himself as well. Thanks to all who bring him to us week by week.

Two things in particular. Every year around Thanksgiving I hear a Christmas song, usually on the car radio on a the long trip home, and I shed a tear. That’s the turnaround point, when my husband is sleeping quetly in the passenger seat and the dog is on her bed in the back of my SUV, when I look forward to Christmas. It didn’t happen at all this year. I decorated without spending any money, writing COVID-19 with our names on a disposable mask and using that for this year’s unique ornament. I planned dinner for two (we then “adopted” a parent-less neighbor for our festive meal), and didn’t exchange gifts for Christmas or his birthday on the 23rd. OK, I did buy the dog a new ball in advance of her 2nd birthday on New Years’ Eve.

But it wasn’t until the 27th when I heard Jon Batiste sing “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” that I shed that tear. Thanks, Jon! In the movie Monuments Men, Bill Murray’s character got a record of his wife singing that song, that was actually sung by Rosemary Clooney, a favorite of mine as a child and when I got to meet her in Four Girls Four years later. White Christmas is still one of my favorite films.

The other thing that stands out, Mr. Colbert, is that wonderful giggle when you hit the nail on the head, the voice of your wonderful wife Evy, who always makes me want to be a better spouse. She still laughs at all your jokes! I thank her and your son for being your crew much of the year and for laughing at your jokes. You demonstrate what family is all about during tough times.

Here’s to hopefully getting some governmental relief. I do plan to continue the late night laughter therapy as well. We don’t celebrate Valentines’ Day, but did give a nod yesterday to Susan B. Anthony Day. Today I hope there’s work and a vaccine on the horizon even though I don’t know what normal will be once this is over. Cheers to laughter amid the tears. Dee


One response to “COVID Relief?

  1. I love Colbert – but Z turned me onto John Oliver, who posts his shows on YouTube weekly if you don’t have HBOMax or whatever his main platform is?

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