The Cowgirl

No, it’s not me. My husband grew up on a dairy farm and his parents now have a ranch. The first night I met his parents we arrived at the farm, talked a bit and went to sleep in separate rooms because we weren’t married yet. I got up and went to our Jack & Jill bathroom in the middle of the night, to nine pair of bull eyes 15 feet away, looking for food.

Yes, I shut off the light and ran to ask my future husband what that was. Oh, they must have the bulls out in this pasture. It was normal. We’d arrived around midnight so I didn’t see the farm. He sighed and fell back to sleep immediately. I went back to bed but not to sleep. What kind of place am I in? My father has a doctorate and has been a college president and head of several national organizations.

The sun came up and I saw it through the hay barn. I was smitten. As you must know from his mathematical and physics knowledge, his parents are smart. Smart in different directions, but very smart. They taught their two sons well.

We eloped two months after the interrogations, yes there was another interview from his grandmother but that only lasted 45 minutes and she asked me to call her Nanny which I do to this day, years later. I’m not driving my old dog 1,500 miles or putting her on a plane at her age, which disturbs M because our Zoe zooms through any crumb that lands in her kitchen during our holiday cooking spree thus making cleaning easier.

I got to feed a baby calf water, milk formula in a five gallon bucket, his mama had twins and said no to him, which is usual with cattle to cull unless they have a “nanny.”  He called to me from across the road and ate like crazy. They leave the home they built 40 years ago, this month. It is a sad time for a family who has lost so much. My brother-in-law gets the hay barn and I hope he saves us a few boards once he’s finished his project(s).

Living in Texas I knew we needed to know the country though had to live in the city. The farm will be gone, there’s a new home 90 miles away with more acres and cattle. I love my family, of course, but also enjoy an excellent Texas BBQ. Cheers to family, and to Taylor, TX. The folks that drive down our folks’ road all wave hello. Could you imagine that in New York City? Dee


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