Wants and Must-Haves

Hello Germany! My father grew speaking only German at home. His father fled in the late 20’s and supposedly jumped ship in the NY harbor, where his wife and he left for more Germanic views. His mother was from Switzerland, spoke German of course. We lost Dad last year.

I’ve an assistant who comes by once a week for an hour, or two. She helps me with a few things I cannot do for myself because of old age and arthritis. She’s great at measuring and hanging pictures, as well.

Yes, she does “spiff” our home. Others have her take all their bedding out to be cleaned, cook, take out the dog, and pack boxes for them while designing and buying furnishings for the huge home they moved into.

Ms. B does not do our sheets, dishes, cook, walk our dog or look into the refrigerator or take out the trash or recycling. That is my job. There are certain cultures who are used to having a number of servants for everything they need. It would scare me to have a live-in assistant because I am a lifetime advocate of personal privacy. The NSA monitors this and anything I write and any phone conversation. The IRS monitors everything else. There is no place to have personal peace these days. I hear that cell phones monitor conversations even while off.

I don’t need much. Having a husband and a cool old dog is OK with me. Last week I was at the hardware store and a few things were in the dollar box. I spent $4 with tax. All culinary items. My husband questioned me on it and I said “you just spent $500 on a rolling laptop bag and you’re asking me about $4?” Enough said.`Cheers, Dee


One response to “Wants and Must-Haves

  1. Dear P has undertaken the long-overdue project of Tidying Up the Garage (which quite frankly looks like a disaster area, both he & I have been horrible about piling stuff up out there)…
    I managed to clean out one large box last night: taking a stack of moisture-&-rodent-damaged books to recycling bin (sob!), briefly admiring the Abstract Art which mice had nibbled a couple of my foam yoga blocks into (so THAT’S where they were! I gave up & replaced ‘em last Xmas), found a good set of reins & a pair of Z’s knee braces from wrestling – I think they’ll be salvageable after laundering…

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