Good Food

Welcome India, Nicaragua, South Africa, Serbia and Ireland!

I took a center piece of salmon, skinned it, placed it on a bed of braised leeks with salt, pepper and grainy mustard and cooked it en papillote. Parchment paper, a heart that I fold my own way. 8-10 minutes in a 350 degree oven for a 4-5 oz piece.

I’ve red, white and purple baby potatoes that I parboiled the other day and added a bit of mayo and tarragon, s&p. Also I roasted some baby kale in a touch of olive oil, s&p until they were crispy.

Tasty nuggets of goodness! After her neural incident the other day ancient dog Zoe is on antibiotics and steroids. It was determined not to be a seizure because she never lost consciousness. All I know is that I stay up much of the night to make sure she is breathing. Her breathing has gone back to normal but she was tripping over herself in the snow early this morning. I’ll try to run to the store now while she sleeps. She doesn’t hear me or see me much (cataracts). She’s going through water like crazy and asking to go out every few hours! Oh well, I’m shy of her human age by about 40 years but hope my husband is around to help me out….. Another day, Dee



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