My pup is on her way out, but for six years she has provided treats for her fellow canines. After hearing of our efforts, a couple of neighbors have chipped in with small bags of goodies.

Zoe’s treats go in to a big cookie jar, the latest are Charlee Bear’s Bear Crunch, grain-free. one dog refused one of the specialty treats and wanted Zoe’s choice. Do we have a mascot or not?

Unrequited love? No, I have it in an intermittent husband and forever dog. She was attacked yesterday but seems OK.  She’s an Aussie mix and her ruff is thick so I don’t think the teeth ever got in there. She hates for me to comb her ruff (chest fur).

Yes, I slept with my hand on her belly for breathing, and searched for blood much of the night. She is still old, mainly deaf and with cataracts but seems to be OK until the vet sees her.

I love my family, always will. Dee


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