An “Eye” for Detail

Welcome to France, Estonia and India! I enjoy and respect your presence on this site.

My picture framer is moving away next month. I will not have the wisdom of her counsel in a month’s time but she has taught me well and I have chosen the art for her last month here in town and believe I know some of my framing choices. It always helps to narrow it down and chose the colors and pare down. If one chooses a silver frame, there are dozens from which to choose.

I believe it was she who inspired me to get into floral arranging, simple flowers in miniature arrangements and classes on specific techniques for larger ones.

Summers in college I taught gymnastics every day, then went to another job, recruiting students for a local college. In gymnastics my favorite group was the 3-5 year-olds because they didn’t know anything about boy stuff or girl stuff and we’d do 15 minutes of training and go play a singing game for a few minutes.

Both genders had to walk along a balance beam 1′ from mats, holding my hand if they needed to do so. I taught them to not look at their feet, look at the end of the beam for balance and an end to the exercise. Your feet will lead you there.

In work, life, framing and floral arranging if one looks at the goal, it is easier to achieve. It is difficult for me to be out of my pond or on a small branch on a big tree. My Dad always told me I could do anything I wanted to do, and I love him for that.

Oh, one of the 3-5’s in gymnastics, a boy, always got a crush on Miss Dee during those summer months between my college courses. One told his mother, when she picked him up, that Miss Dee was coming to dinner that evening. Surely she and her husband had other plans. Mom looked at me, I shrugged my shoulders and nodded “no.” She explained it kindly and fairly to her son. I’m sure he’s married and has college kids now. I like to think that I helped him and others to see the goal and not just the impediments. Dee




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