Nosey Parker

Welcome Portugal! I look forward to seeing your country, meeting people and eating your wonderful food.

We have a nosey parker, in our ancient dog Zoe. I can’t tell my husband what I’m doing but I’d like to clear stuff out, and organize other things. He’s taken over two 100 year-old pieces of furniture of mine. They’re filled with keys and wallet and change and books and papers so I can’t even treat them with lemon oil.

I would love some storage solutions but it comes down to this. There are two windows Zoe looks down from at squirrels et al, these cannot be blocked by any furniture or storage solutions.

That’s just the way it is. If there are interior windows to clean each Spring I know the “go to” ones in an instant and can do them myself. No kids have handprints on the upper windows. It’s just Zoe’s nose, she’s just 30# and can not jump because she has no hips. I know her better than anyone else. It’s interesting that as she ages, she loses hearing and sight but her nose is working…… Dee


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