There are parents, teachers, grandparents et al. Our family was different. Let me talk about grandparents. My father’s Dad died a few weeks before I was born, my two grandmothers died before I was a year old. Papa was left and with us part of the year until he died in 1984 when I was a wet-behind-the-ears legislative person who could have used his assistance!

I got my first grandmother in ML, who smothered me with kisses and had the first Texas accent I’d ever heard. She was always the life of the party and it was a joy to go to the place in San Antonio where she and her sister used to dance as teenagers. Not that kind of dancing, I can assure you.

Her husband B, was more introverted. During one of my aunts’ parties he could be found outside on a bench near the gardens. I’d get out of the fray and we’d talk a bit then he’d ask what’s wrong? Oh, the girls at school are being mean to me. He’d advise and the next time I saw him everything was OK. They’re both gone now.

I had an “interview” with my husband’s grandmother, Nanny, before we married. It was brief and she asked me to make sure her grandson worked for the same company for fifty years and got a gold watch. No, ma’am, I cannot promise you that as the software industry is fluid and changes every day. I cannot promise you fifty years. Life, hopefully, eternal employment, no.

She then made me an honorary “Grand” which is truly an honor as there are only five immediate descendants from her five children (many younger since that post that original comment as she now has greats and great-greats). Her and our uncle’s welfare are first and foremost these days. Nanny deserves a platinum watch, for lovingly watching over her family so many years. I love grandmothers! Dee


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