Drop What?

Oh, I forgot Sweden. I learned to make Kottsbullar (Swedish meatballs, to us) from a neighbor. In turn I taught him to make a true Texas Chili. We were supposed to test each other on our lessons without assistance but he met a gal (yea!) and moved elsewhere. I spent a couple of days with his dad who flew in from Sweden, he was a peach! At dinner with father and son I told my husband I did things with G’s father that we’d never done. It was a bad turn of phrase I realized immediately. We went to the art museum, saw eco-gardens and drove by historic homes, for heaven’s sake! It’s not anything you’d like to do. You’d rather see airplane engines.

Now we have a company and it has a book and there is nothing in it. We have a certificate of good standing. Where is it? Dropbox. Drop what?

We need printed papers in these corporate filings for articles and bylaws, dear. They’re online, you just don’t have access. We’re equal partners in life as well. I need to print these papers in case anyone who has the right to see them can see them, including me.

I think he may be slightly embarrassed that he let Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws be drafted by someone else on the fly and not by me, or even read by me and that’s my job. Print them and ask me to place them in the book, review and edit and we can vote on the results.

There is no rift, it’s just that he is away so much we only talk by phone when he’s on the road, and I don’t want him to get into an accident even though he has ear buds. I’ve come up with a supposed schedule so we can get work done in an hour then enjoy our weekends together. I’m thinking art museum this weekend. He’s thinking NOT!

Ah well, that’s the way it goes with old married folks, Dee


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