Mentally, I am giving her permission to go when she wishes to do so. Zoe has always followed me everywhere within two minutes. That is no longer the case.

Thinking of “next” is difficult and it must be because if there’s a pup to be saved it’s up to me to do so. Worker or herder? I’m getting older and have arthritis so may go to the larger docile breed rather than the smaller loving, smart, demanding and staring mutt we have now. I love her dearly and will miss her. Now her head is shaking. I hate to leave her home alone even to run a few errands for an hour because she stands by the door awaiting my return.

I will not bring a pup into our home until she goes with dignity, with me at her side as she is our girl and always will be our girl. I’m old and infirm and hope I’ve one pup left in me to raise, train and love, and leave to my husband. Herder or worker. Dee

ps I have to talk with my husband but I think smaller and smarter, I don’t mind being herded or care about excess fur, have dealt with both for many years, even before Zoe. She awakened just now after two morning walks, in the afternoon.


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