Truth Be Told

I heard of a comment by director/actor Ron Howard on why he likes movies based on true stories. Apollo 13 was a true story starring Tom Hanks and many others.

Apparently they had a public pre-screening where everyone filled out a card on what they thought of the film. Nearly all said it was wonderful. On used awful words to deign a great film. In the end the critic said that the Apollo 13 crew never would have survived so it was an awful ending.

The critic never knew that it was a true story, a nail-biting story our country and the world went through with, not with in person but in hope for, these three astronauts, who were saved through their own ingenuity and that of NASA.

Where is History in the classrooms we pay for with our taxes for decades even though we do not have kids?  It has probably gone the way of art and music as unnecessary. Are math and science the next to go? I’m sure English is already a casualty. Ah, I’m certain sports will continue without any intellectual basis to achieve success and teamwork. If math and science are still on the frontier, music and art help both. After all, could Mozart have composed his first work at age five without a mathematical and creative brain?

What were the educational building blocks for our leaders today? Rich father? Check. Deferred military service. Check. Our artists and scientists and mathematicians had and wanted way more than that and worked themselves through school or fled their countries and a few even created the atomic bomb for the USA. I knew one.

Imagine our elected leaders after education is gone. I’ll be gone, too but your children will grow up in a different world. We’ll just have national walls, many guns and forced marriages for procreation. The current reality sounds more like “The Handmaid’s Tale” and should never take place. As Archie Bunker would say, this is only “a pigment of your imagination.” Dee


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