First, thanks to Mexico, Czech Republic and Brazil for reading. Also O Canada, my home and native land.

Sunday evening I went into our closet and found a basket of plastic flowers with a bunny, so I placed in front of our door until Easter. Today I walked out to do four neighborhood errands that lasted an hour, and I left the dog at home after taking her for another outing.

When I arrived home the arrangement was pulled away from the door, turned around and one “flower” snapped off and thrown on the carpet a couple of feet away. I know all my neighbors and the two other dogs who are nearly as old as my own.

There was a thief here a couple of years ago, sneaking into residences and stealing money, credit cards, cell phones, anything she could carry. There is video of her counting money. The D.A. declined to prosecute. Our residence was never invaded.

There was a robbery about 50 feet from our front door last weekend. I wonder if someone is stalking us once again. The gal used to use unlocked doors to get in when people took out their dogs, trash, recycling or went to get their mail and thought it was OK to leave the front door unlocked.

Yes, I now have a stick under the door to deter anyone from entering and double-check both doors, stove, oven before I lift the hip-less dog to bed. My husband says it must have been one of our dog neighbors but these dogs are nearly as old as Zoe (fourteen) and have no interest in plastic flowers. Someone is sending a message.

If I am being targeted because of disability, I have informed all who need to be concerned about my safety of a potential threat to all of us. I need to walk and my husband wants to assure that I can do so with Ms. Winnie, a three-wheeled cart with brakes my Aunts gave me over the holidays. It can hold a few groceries. Perhaps someone saw me leave with that and thought that I was an easy target.

Be certain that for years I have locked my door every time I leave and when I re-enter I add the stick. The hinges are inside, they’d have to make a lot of noise to get in here and I’d have time to call 911. Don’t worry, be happy! Dee


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