is when you know that all you’ve learned and achieved in your lifetime comes to fruition. At my age it comes in small tidbits, getting the City and County to agree on a pedestrian crosswalk. I still have to remind them to paint it every year. No-one ever stops a car for a pedestrian.

I’ve Italian micro-greens growing in small pots, seeds that I’m supposed to re-plant every two weeks and use in salads (or over meat, as I would do for my husband). Knock wood, I am the original brown thumb.

They’re little things, when it comes to the big things I undertake and accomplish. Today I’ve a little treat, a floral class where I can be more of an individual than the shy girl in grade school. We’ll see how I do, but I’m doing it on my own (my husband is only home 2 days a week from work and will miss me for two hours) but after fifteen years of him buying me flowers, it’s time to turn things around. Yes, I’ll put my 1962 Pedernales chili on the stove and re-season as needed after I get home at five. Thank you, Lady Bird!

Choosing is the key, outside aisles for everything besides rice, beans and such, flour, basics. The occasional chocolate bar is OK.

Food, art history, writing all include adding and/or removing. I just saw a Chagall for the second time at a museum last week. I thought the person in the shroud was a man. It was a tribute to Golda Meir. I’m not Jewish and do not practice any relegate faith, but appreciate the horrors the Jewish people have endured in the last century and many other religious cultures before, including Christianity. Trying to remove anyone from our world was horrific and something my family abhorred.

My grandfather fled Hitler’s Brownshirts in the late 1920’s for the USA and it is told that he jumped ship in the NY harbor. He didn’t want to be sent back, married his German bride from Switzerland and couldn’t get across a border to see my parents marry. I missed him because he died six weeks before I was born.

As to history, it can only be added, in good or bad ways, hopefully not removed. Art, painters add, sculptors remove. As for everything else it is a balance. Decide on yours. Cheers and have a great day! I’ve got my own pruning shears out for my floral class! Dee




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