Winter, Strange Dreams and Chili

I took Zoe, our ancient dog, out for “last chance” at nine and it was raining, snowing and sleeting all at once. Needless to say, she did not wish to be out there. I watched from above and the streets and sidewalks were just wet. Ten minutes later they were covered in snow as well, along with rooftops and park grass. At one-o’clock this morning I awakened to snow plows, an unusual sight/sound in this town. I’m thinking the roads were icy so usually they just salt the heck out of things so they don’t have to plow.

Zoe is sound asleep on our bed while I’m in the den writing. She’s not hearing or seeing so well these days but is still a chow hound and everything else seems good.

I heard sounds, not dog scratchy nails on floors or cat stealthy walking-around sounds, but thumping, hippity hop, like a rabbit or two. Then I got up and found tiny things like a watch and key ring and other stuff on the carpet around the bed and checked the doors. Then I awakened to the snow plows. Of course there were no rabbits or things on the floor as that was just a dream. The doors were securely locked and Zoe never awakened.

My chili got a good reception, before the tasting. I brought a small amount of chili, spoons, napkins, sour cream and lime for my butchers at our local grocery who ground and re-ground 4# of chuck and tri-tip coarsely for my Texas chili. There’s nothing like walking to the butcher station to have one of the guys ask “what do you want, Dee?” “I come bearing gifts.” “Really?” Yes, I’m the one customer who brings their food back in as gifts. Perhaps I should check out our local fire station and cook for them.

Then everyone calls out “Thanks, Dee!” Well, check the seasoning and let me know if it needs to be spicier. My place smells like cumin right now, dirty socks. I ate a bit for lunch today, cold and it held up. On Friday I’ll heat a frozen container up and re-season for when my husband arrives home from a week away at work.

Now don’t get the idea of hopping around here in the middle of the night. First of all, I have no watch and have never had a keychain like the one I found in my dream. I do have a clean home and look forward to making a pot roast in the slow-cooker (second time a charm?) for the weekend. Perhaps also a roast chicken. I do love cooking for people, especially my husband. Chicken with roasted potatoes/rosemary, and roasted heirloom carrots. Sounds good. Keep cooking! Dee


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