Jewelry, Flowers and Food

First of all, I’ve little jewelry. Yes, a wedding band, Claddagh ring and several bracelets, some magnetized to minimize arthritis. Also one wooden guitar pick on a leather rope inscribed with a Celtic knot (infinity) that I wear every day to memorialize my father.

My husband always says “I don’t know what kind of jewelry you like, so I stopped by the airport gift shop and got you a refrigerator magnet.” I have them from Wyoming, California, Texas, Minnesota, Hong Kong, Bangalore, and others.  I’ve moose and Indian chefs, ships in Hong Kong and Indianapolis horses/colts, we had a contest on that one as we left separately, he got the black horse, I got the white one. One went to a deserving child.

Many have springs so they all move when I open the frig, like when I will put the pedal to the metal and make my Texas chili (no beans) for tonight. Remind me to save some for my butchers, who are so good to me. I’m the only person who brings food into the store, for them. Today’s Pedernales Chili will not only have tomatoes and its’ sauce, I’m adding one beer, a Corona Light, for braising liquid that does not taste like water. Check out the recipe on the LBJ Presidential Library, Pedernales Chili. I make my own riff on it.

As to food, I moved away from home for three years without one of my 200 cookbooks. Bereft, when we finally got internet service I looked up ideas for dishes. Then I had my own ideas that included whatever was fresh at the market. Later, I got my books back but aside from reference for sauces or roasting or anything by Julia Child, I do my own thing.

Yesterday I bought specialty carrots and radishes, as well as a new apple variety for my husband, who is home for the weekend. Sleeping, Shhhhhh. I’ll make the chili in a couple of hours.

Flowers. Just as with food, I pick and choose. I’m taking a class next weekend. Thanks to the ladies there, I’m no longer afraid of flowers. It’s like food, pick and choose. I made a lovely arrangement for St. Patrick’s Day with heather, dianthus, Bells of Ireland and white spider mums. There are two red roses next to me on my desk for my dear father.

There are three Gerbera daisies in tiny milk bottles (a dairyman’s son) and we are yellow and our old pup is white. At the bottom of the metal cage the milk bottles came in, are three hand-knitted (not by me) finger puppets/ornaments. My husband grew up on the dairy so he is a cow, dog is a dog and I’m a horse, probably with no name, get it?

Pick and choose. Forget the frozen and most of the canned food aisles aside from tomatoes, rice and couscous and know what foods are in season. Know what flowers are in season and find a great florist, as I have, where you can purchase by the stem and make your own arrangements.

Find out if your spouse wants expensive gifts or airport mementos for the frig. Cheers! I just got a wiggly plane from So Cal. Yee haw! Dee


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