Zoe Has a Boyfriend

They’re flirting. We were coming in from our walk and she stood still. I only saw a guy across the street walking by parked cars. Come on, let’s go and get you breakfast. No. There’s a dog between the parked cars.

Two weeks after 9/11 Americans were allowed back into our country. I was off on a family reunion in Europe. I sat at lunch in a chain restaurant at the bar and we all talked. Later it was just us. We talked about everything and shook hands in the parking lot and he said we may share a movie sometime as friends.

Next night he called me, dinner and a movie, picked me up, opened my car door and took my hand and we’ve been married over 15 years.

Mr. Y, who I do not know but my husband does, was seen by my Zoe across the street. They never saw each other again and Zoe is 98 in people years. It’s like the end of Doctor Zhivago. Mr. Y whined as they crossed paths. No, his name is not Yuri. Across the street, he whined for Zoe, who has many friends human, canine and feline.

I can think of this as her consistent friendliness to all or being near death. I choose the former and fear the latter. We can’t have kids, so she’s our girl and even at age 98 my husband would say she’s not allowed to date. Flirting is OK. To happiness and longevity, perhaps he’s an angel taking her to another place. I will not part with her easily but will let her go when she needs to do so. Dee


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