Everyone’s “Mom”

Yes, that is who I am. The newspaper delivery person has not been allowed to distribute papers individually for a while. I don’t get a printed version so I don’t know details. Now, apparently said person is allowed in, and tosses the local rag, NYTimes and WSJ out of the elevator and leaves. I just go out early with the dog so see them littered all around.

I pretty much know who reads what but they are no longer printing addresses so I’ve decided to leave the newspapers wherever they land and allow fellow citizens to complain. It’s not my job. I go out of my way to help folks and their pets, for free, and if they can’t step up for themselves I cannot do anything more for them. There is a need for more voices. If one wishes to open the door to a newspaper in pajamas and has to walk a bit, so be it.

There is a lot of what I call “entitlement theory” around here. “I’m better than everyone else, I’m more successful so I’ll call and say my dog peed, clean it up.) No, I don’t do that. If I was a female Warren Buffet I’d stay in my old home and act like a normal person, not a billionaire. I’m partial to my elderly SUV but could take out an old Ford truck for hay bales.

At two years old I left home with my stuff. When my parents confronted me, with an infant, my sister, who was taking all their attention, I simply told them “I’m going to have one of my own.”

After decades we do not have children but I’m working on a science and math decoupage project for a seven year-old bright child. The “mommy gene” has been in me for a lifetime. I don’t know that I can rid myself of it. Don’t know if I want to do so. Aye, there’s the rub. Cheerio and have a wonderful day. Dee


One response to “Everyone’s “Mom”

  1. Stick shift. Dad taught me to ride a Toro lawn mower at age eight then tried to teach me how to drive. Years later we had clients with us and I was in my brand new Jeep four-wheel stick my brother took us up the highest hill around to see if I could make it. I did, client in the Jeep, I knew he was playing me. He was not served well that day, I knew clutch and brakes and gears. I miss that Jeep! I sold it to pay our rent.

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