Ah, yes, a dictionary. I started a year ago with a 1971 version of the OED but the print was so small I couldn’t even read it out of its case, even with the high-powered Bausch&Lomb magnifying glass in a separate drawer so gave it to two young brothers, ages four and six. Their mother thanked me for keeping them away from the internet and television. I’ll bet at their young age they could read it without glasses or the magnifying glass!

We keep the current dictionary in our guest bathroom because my aunts always had one in the powder room. If we used said room, we were duty-bound to open up the dictionary to any page and look for a word we did not know. After thoroughly washing our hands and drying them, it was time to emerge.

I said the word, spelled the word, defined it and used it in a sentence. Thanks, Aunt L and J for giving me the confidence to learn language.

It’s been probably ten years since I’ve had this blog. My husband created it for me, AL & J inspired me and I was able to write about things that matter. Yes, many are cooking-related but they taught me I could write anything here as well.

Over life I’ve had many teachers. A few mentors. These mentors would not like the previous half-sentence as they are retired English teachers. That’s just the way I write. Love to my aunts, who taught me to like blue cheese, choose menus and even decide on serving platters, and to appreciate fine things.

I wanted a towel rack in our en suite bath and bought one. Someone came in to install it and one end wouldn’t work in the wall. I couldn’t hang two bath towels else it would fail. Aunts to the rescue! Aunt L has bought me linen towels from everywhere. I chose her type of iron (Rowenta, no they don’t pay me) and made them look beautiful with others my husband’s mother embroidered for me, all herbs and gorgeous, as she recuperated from knee surgery. She had planned to be feet-up for a bit so planned this project, for which I thank her.

I bought a few more plain white, tiny linens, four for $1, from an estate sale in Texas and since the towel rod will not take bath towels it is now a work of art that brings our families together. You were always destined to do that, m’lady. Thank you. Dee


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