En Papillote

That means in paper, parchment paper. Roast or grill some cleaned leeks, really cleaned of sand and grit. Saute, ok. Coat a salmon fillet for one, 4-8 oz and season it with s&p, then slather with grainy mustard.

I do a heart-shape. Fold parchment paper in half. Cut in the shape of a heart. Great St. Valentines’ gift) and mound the leeks and slathered salmon. Lemon. of course.

Fold the paper over and with the back of your thumb, fold it over gently and encase it so it steams and does not leak. Tiny folds, crease, go around the folded heart and twist the parchment to encase.

Valentines’ day would not be perfect without a Coeur a la Creme. Go to your local cooking specialty store and ask for two ceramic heart molds and follow the recipe and bring to it a special fruit or chocolate sauce (or both, I love raspberry and chocolate cooked separately and drizzled) and voila, you’ve dessert a deux. It’s OK to send the kids out to old folks like us, just have dinner together. That’s your Hallmark card, better.

All I can tell you is that my husband likes food, not a Hallmark holiday, Dee


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