Martin Luther King Day

We were on our way to D.C. for the first MLK Day ever. It was a potluck so I got to bring the 2 liter sodas for the trip but not allowed a sip as my office mate Dennis called me “tiny tank” and the fellow analysts and attorneys would have to stop at every gas station.

I helped pass bills for colonial and WWII heroes. They were days of commemoration, not Federal holidays. Haym Solomon helped fund our Revolutionary War. Raoul Wallenberg helped everyone from Hitler’s war on humanity.

Martin Luther King, Junior was another thing altogether. One might say he forced us to look at ourselves and think of him as a troublemaker. Others think he helped bring our nation together, in a non-violent way. Yes, he was killed violently for his kind works.

Yes, his name and memory became a Federal holiday, as it should be. We drove to D.C. and had many related activities that day but what glows in my mind is the gospel service at the AME church where Coretta Scott King spoke about her husband and his works.

Today is his day to re-invogorate the American people and others around the world. I am privileged to have had a part in passing this legislation in my state. To civil rights, Dee


One response to “Martin Luther King Day

  1. We went to Memphis a few years ago and I told my husband I wanted to see the Lorraine Motel. It was under construction so we could not see it. No, I didn’t want to see Graceland. We had a short turnaround and had to get moving toward family. I try, but not everyone can have his kind of dream.

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