Thank you for reading, Taiwan, Ireland and France. I believe my great great grandmother was from County Clare but I’ve never been even though we lived in Scotland for a few months.

Today a business associate was married. It was a small affair, as was ours fifteen years ago in two weeks. Years ago my husband asked me to have my birthday and our wedding date engraved inside his wedding band. I did so and he still forgets both. “What day is it today, honey?” “Monday.” On Tuesday he looked at his ring and knew he forgot my birthday. We’ll see what happens in a couple of weeks.

I’ve wanted to do a renewal of vows near his parents this spring yet he believes there will be problems. It is interesting that we are both consultants and problem-solvers and so far his family doesn’t see any problems. A Navy Captain (USN, Ret.) married us 15 years ago and his widow, who he called The Admiral, died last month in her 90’s. We eloped so I wanted to have a casual Texas renewal and party. No sweet tea for me. I’ll take regular.

I think of this young couple starting out on a journey that we started over 16 years ago. Yes, there are ups and downs. Sometimes things stick. Like our dog, who we adopted from a shelter as a very young pup and will be 14 years old in two weeks. She is kind of a mascot around here. Every once in a while I tell her if she’s not being good, we just may have to take her back. The Hipless Wonder just looks at me and says sorry, Mom. I didn’t mean to eat the visiting dog’s food. Why is she visiting, anyways? She is interrupting my sleep patterns. My old cat Nathan always got in the last word. Zoe always gets the last thought.

Dedication at work is another issue. I’m retired now but a new opportunity is about to awaken. Both my husband and I give 110% to any effort to achieve success. Said success is about reaching goals and making a difference. We work in different fields but are still problem solvers, teachers and able to make decisions to convey to clients as issues occur. He calls my area “soft skills” but is now doing the same thing for big companies.

This post is for the one who taught me many things that shaped my life and career, my father, who passed over the holidays in 2016. His living tree, given to me by prominent women in my husband’s family, was used as our Christmas tree. Now, my husband still wanted to see the lights so I used one recycled glass star at the top and then I made construction paper chains that went all around, in the colors of our living room.

Years ago I was stuck in a hotel room in Texas. We sold my car, and he worked 1/2 hour away. The only places I could walk to were a lame grocery, fast food, and our bank. I spent probably three days hot glue-gunning white pistachios to three differently-sized styrofoam balls to make sure we had a Christmas bowl of joy in our hotel room.

Every time I took a shower the maid showed up. Seven in the morning, four in the afternoon. Every time. He made himself waffles every breakfast then ate cereal. He can still have cereals but hates waffles. I hated living in a hotel in the middle of no-where without a car. We survived that battle and to this day he tells me he never wants me to glue pistachios to globes to make a holiday miracle for him. Dedication, Dee


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