Horse With No Name

Thanks, America, for that song. I have a name, and Jim Croce told me I have a song. I’m working on both. These references show my age, and marginalization in society and life.

I’ve heard from banks where I added my new husband’s name to my account that they can not speak to me when he calls me as someone steals his credit card number from a restaurant because I’m “just the wife.” “It’s my account, sir, a joint account to which I added him.” Sorry, ma’am. The message was that if he can get home with no gas or food from a business trip he can call and authorize you to speak to us.

I’m retired (very early and because of my husband’s career) and it’s happening all over again. New ventures are afoot, and I’m an equal partner but decisions are made without me all the time.

I’ve songs of love, loneliness, my mother used to call “dirges.” I beg to disagree. I love Carole King, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Dave Mason, Bad Company, James Taylor, Johnny Cash, CSNY, Peter, Paul and Mary, they taught music and structure. We had only the networks on TV and had to turn the antenna to get PBS where we could see Jacques Cousteau plumb the oceans’ depths. That was a song of its own.

Johnny Cash and PPM, you made me want to learn guitar. At my age I don’t have the vocal range anymore, or guitar, piano or violin talent. I’ve found a wonderful folk guitar that fits me, and recently found a teacher to interview. Yes, I’m interviewing him as he does me. Mommy doesn’t pay for music or ballet lessons anymore. Daddy doesn’t make me take violin lessons and have the class make me tune all the violins and violas. Sadly, they’re both gone now.

I love helping my husband in a new endeavor, assisting worthy non-profits, learning music, and writing. The string section minus celli and bass were ordered by me through our mentor, now gone as well, to show up 1/2 hour early for tuning. I was six years old.

One day I didn’t audition but was called in to stay after school the next day. My music teacher had me look out the window. She played a note on the piano. I got it right, another, another. She said I was opening the show with a vocal solo to Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Waters.” I was terrified but family was there so I did it. That and almost drowning on a Cat 5 rafting trip makes me think I can do anything.

We’re building a business, and I may even learn to be better than a beginner at guitar. Cheers! Dee


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