A New Year

We actually stayed up until midnight. I was in the kitchen finishing putting hand wash away and emptying the dishwasher and my husband was in bed watching festivities. He lifted our old dog from the sofa and carried her to the bed, where she kept snoring.

In about 1/2 hour, four a.m. I’m going to start some turkey chili that we’ll have for dinner and also give to a friend. I did my mise en place last night so I wouldn’t awaken anyone.

So, there are bills to pay, papers to file, corporate stuff to get a hold of as well as arrangements for me to make things happen when my husband is out of town. Not just taking the dog to bed. I make her walk herself then lift her up to the bed, she does have no hips. It’s a new year, honeybun.

My Aunt got me a tripod walker for Christmas. I took a spill on the sidewalk a couple of months ago and she wanted me to have something with brakes so I can safely shop for groceries. Yes, it contains a small bag but I’d like to add an interior mesh bag for wallet, cell phone and keys, and an exterior one out front for flowers and light groceries. It’s amazing what one has to think about. The back wheels allow my feet to roam free but are so wide as to hit the side of a grocery aisle while turning into the next aisle. It takes some getting used to.

Problem is, it is so dang cold here (well below 32 degrees) that the brakes freeze and I can’t brake to a stop while practicing. Husband sees me using my car this time of year and the cart in Spring, whenever that comes. I’d just as soon practice now and use it when needed, in a year or three when the knees and ankles act up.

I’m thinking of taking most of the holiday decorations down today. My old neighbors’ Christmas cactus is now flowering so I’ll leave that, and the poinsettia that is declining by the day. Over the weekend we picked up a new set of tree lights to fill a living evergreen, our holiday tree, that must remain indoors, given by the women in my husband’s family in honor of my Dad’s passing a year ago. The left side was a bit sad.

Over the weekend I made construction paper chains with colors from our living room. His mother made a modern quilt in the 70’s and we finally made the squares into a seasonal quilt that anchors the room. I used a few of those colors.

We plan to keep and embellish the white tree lights, I’ll pack up the ornaments for next year, and we’ll keep it festive with mainly light blue and brown. It is a living tree and I cannot give it to anyone here to plant outdoors because of the weather. Perhaps when it gets too large for our living room, we can drive it to his parents in Texas and they can plant it at their new home.

Today is a day to look forward. Everyone wants to sell our new business something, perhaps today there will not be any robo-calls. That would be a blessing. Cheers and may you and your family enjoy a happy new year. Dee



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