Growing Up

First thank Canada for checking in as I forgot to contact my older cousin on Boxing Day for his birthday. Happy birthday!

From crying to crawling to walking I always wanted a motorized vehicle. Yes, a tricycle my feet could pedal. Then, there was a kiddie bike from Santa with training wheels. Then just wheels. No, there was not a need for performance enhancing drugs to win a contest. Vehicles have always been from point A to B for me. The bike just let me visit all the friends and animals at my 1/4 mile-away neighbors quickly. I was not allowed on the highway. Years after that there were real wheels, a drivers’ license.

I was mis-diagnosed for rheumatoid arthritis for over 20 years. It is now thirty years. I won’t take anything for it except a few OTC NSAIDS per year. Yes, while I’m up at night I see commercials recommending all these drugs, and they say a side-effect may be death. Actor/comedian Jay Mohr (thanks Jay) says that death is not a side-effect!

When I took a spill on the pavement two months ago it has been hard to heal, with severe knee bruises and facial problems from the fall. There is no insurance when it comes to health issues even though we pay through the nose for it every month and now health care is going to get worse under the current administration.

My dear aunts have given me a sleek tripod walker with which to get groceries. It has brakes and once I learn how to use it and open doors or go up and down escalators and heaven forbid, negotiate the awful sidewalks, I’ll be OK.

Baby, crawling, walking, tricycle, training then bike, car, cane, tripod walker. After it came in I brought it down to see staff and Maintenance was there, making fun of me as usual. All I said was that I feel old. After all these years I may go back to a tricycle and beyond. There is too little time and too much to do.

The head guy reminds me of my father and what he used to do to any guy who tried to date me, except my husband. Gruff exterior, marshmallow interior. He whispered to me that the tripod was a great idea because after years of knowing me, I’ve FUBAR’d more than once. He likes me!

Yes, a few years ago the County never did anything before ice formed on their sidewalks so 8″ of ice built up. Maternal instinct kicked in at our 7 a.m. walk and Zoe (our dog) started to fall with all four legs. I lifted her up by the leash so she wouldn’t be harmed. I fell, instead. That was a lengthy large hip bruise recovery.

Second in command really made fun of me, saying he could connect a motor to the contraption. I replied that I wanted a seat. Haha. They have saved our lives in the past due to a gas leak and mostly make fun of me because I’ve been here so long and rarely make maintenance requests. I tell them I bundle them and use them once for small items like a slow drain, yet still bring them food. Until we lose her Zoe is the mascot and I’m “Aunt Dee.”

Cheers and have a happy new year. Dee




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