Holiday Menus

Chicken Saltimbocca, half chicken breast (boneless and skin-less) pounded and seasoned with s@p and sage, with one piece of proscuitto atop of the inside and a bit of grated Fontina val D’Aosta would be wonderful. Roll it up for both to fit a pan. Melt butter, roll it in the butter then seasoned (salt, pepper, sage) Panko crumbs seam-side down considering the number and the pan size and place in a 350 degree oven for about 30-40 minutes when the cheese starts seeping out just a bit. That is the eve, only.

These are difficult holiday meals because they are a deux. Perhaps pair it with little broccoli florets with chili flakes and parmesan, and a few sauteed cherry tomatoes. Just my thoughts for the moment. OK, a little Israeli couscous in chicken broth with cilantro with just vegetables.

Eve might start with my always different nut dish to be placed on the kitchen table for all, but usually the ladies who chat at a huge Thanksgiving feast I think I can keep freezing them, as my in-laws freshly harvest pecans that they crack and pick like a well-oiled machine. We need to save the last quart for guests.

I felt bad for being too ill to attend Thanksgiving this year as there are a number of families and guests involved. I looked towards Christmas and my mother’s going back in her mind to England creating her first dinner of prime rib, Yorkshire pudding, roasted potatoes and it was wonderful. Mom made the gravy, she and my sisters made the desserts including mincemeat tarts. I made the sides. I can’t tell you because it changed every year. Root vegetable puree, you name it. My grandmother’s spinach, braised carrots. I don’t think I ever did beets for that because they may have stained everything else making it into red food.

* * *

This year I’m thinking, for a relaxing evening with just the two of us humans, plus the dog of course:

One Cheautaubriand. He’ll take the NY Strip and the tenderloin and I’ll take another tenderloin just for me. It would be his birthday present as we don’t give holiday gifts so it is not his birthday, just a meal. I’d make a jus of more bones.

I’m thinking mini-potato-leek latkes. He hates spinach, so I am considering arugula with garlic. He likes arugula but hates spinach, go figure. That would be something sauteed for veggies or another that that is better for him in a salad with basil, cherry tomatoes. Or little ramekins of a corn, tomato and chorizo pudding or even one made with Brussels sprouts and cauliflower. That’s a good gift to not remember next year!

There should not be too much bread or fat in the menu. Plants are indoors, the tomatoes are gone and there are a few tiny leaves on the basil, thyme and rosemary. It does not sound as if Yorkshire pudding is on the menu that day, but before or after I can put my popover pans to use and I think that will become a favorite for special occasions with guests.

Simple, easy, hopefully rewarding in our lives, as is our old dog Zoe. Parfaits with non-fat vanilla yogurt and berries and a bit of granola on top; perhaps a berry trifle with panettone or mincemeat tarts for dessert. Zoe will get her regular dinner of frozen raw, and dry-frozen quality food, probably with a few treats from the pantry (shh, don’t say the t-word….)

That’s all that’s going on right now. Happy holidays from our family to yours. Dee




One response to “Holiday Menus

  1. Potatoes au gratin. We haven’t had those in a long time and my husband loves them. No cheese. Save latkes for another time, also popovers. I actually have popover pans I’ve never used!

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