A neighbor’s dog is called Lovey. The only dog she likes is our Zoe. Zoe loves everyone, from people who, let me re-phrase that. She likes most people, not criminals or people intent to rob us or anyone else. She has a bias towards “amblers,” including homeless people and tourists taking photos five feet from her door. She would never bite even a toddler taking food from her bowl but she can bark once or twice to let me know there is an issue I have to deal with.

She loves other dogs, except aggressive ones who try to bite her but she always gives them a chance, as do I, before judgment. I do that with people as well as dogs, having worked in shelters for years.

Lovey is also a herder, Zoe’s family tree although our Zoe is a mutt. I think they recognize each other as similar breeds. While scientists say dogs can’t see color our Zoe does and greets similarly colored dogs, whatever breed, as cousins. She also loves Huskies, especially huge ones that just love her and wish to be around her.

Don’t worry, every pet is spayed/neutered around here, part of the reason I chose to live in this neighborhood for a while.

Zoe has always liked cats as well, those who do not run from her. Lovey has her issues and is a really sweet and well-trained dog. Perhaps we should have her over after the holidays for a play date. No other dogs allowed, certainly no cats! Dee

ps What would she do if something happened to us on a walk, if she or I was attacked? There’s a trail below we’ve not gone to alone since there were two sexual assaults mid-afternoon one day, a while ago. She’s old and is not Lassie rescuing Timmy from the well. I just won’t go there any more lest either of us be molested. Dee


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