I think of the song “Sisters” from the movie “White Christmas” and wonder what I have on. “She wore the dress, and I stayed home.”

Long underwear, black silk, so comfy. And a just put on a sweater top in black/grey to keep me warm. It came from a company just a brief walk up the street. I got it probably a year ago and had to cut off the tag.

They had pants I love and I bought three pair and before they were bought out they said they were calling them the “Dee Pants.”

The entire worldwide enterprise was bought out and now it seems it’s mostly lingeree. They closed our local store and probably many others. What they offer now online is not to my taste so I’ll stick with what I’ve bought over the past few years, a lot of black and white, grey, blue separates. All very modest, including the Dee Pant.

Things I liked about this shop: the staff was fantastic, they knew how to find what I was looking for and knew what I bought six months ago; it was a young person’s store with a lot of mini-skirts et al but they did stock certain things for an adult in our community; and that I miss them. Happy holidays! Dee



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