The Triangle

The kitchen is a strange place. Many folks rent or own homes with substandard kitchens. I know rich people love huge kitchens but never cook in said kitchens.

I prefer a galley of sorts with tons of storage for pantry items and little-used cookware and things like a specialty slow-cooker I’ve never used for a year. I also have formal china service for 18, and a table for four. If possible, I’d love the galley plus extra island with prep sink. One can dream.

The galley kitchen design can be amazing, It makes movements from the stove, frig, sink and dishwasher easy. It cannot be too big, but four seats across the island make for a festive pre-dinner. Whenever one wants to make their kitchen huge and forget what is best for the cook to host guests, well, it means that person hires cooks.

I was offered a refrigerator the other day with doors that opened into a hallway. We spend too much to live here for me to go many extra feet to open a frig that opens backwards and arthritic me has to take more steps to get that cheese out of the freezer after 15 minutes to grate.

The cooking triangle is a sacred thing. We had a huge home when I was in college. When I visited and worked for summer I noticed that our kitchen was ginormous and not designed well.

Of course I’m making plans for a retirement home. Wait for it. Cheers! Dee


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