I would like to add old friend Army Ranger to this. He has saved my life more than once. He was raised in the HRC, Holy Roman Catholic Church, as was I. He was Jesuit. I became more Franciscan. They both have their strengths but I had good mentors and learned a lot about life and education. He learned to think.

We had to take two religion and two philosophy courses to graduate. Philosophy was multiple choice, don’t think, just repeat what I said in class and you’ll pass this weekly test. NO, do not think! Just repeat what I tell you!

At age 18 I did not know how to get out of this morass yet two friars set me on a path to knowledge.

Years later I’ve wisdom and a life philosophy, thanks to many factors including my friars, friends including Jesuit/Army Ranger, his wife D and my husband of nearly 15 years.

Patron saints, too many to mention. Francis took care of the animals and that is what I do to this day. I get “happy pees” from pups so make certain to wear my closed Crocs so I can throw the shoes in the laundry.

In the end my religion is what it is. I only go to Mass in Italy as I love the Latin Mass and try to decipher the homily, Italian. I try to be very nice to the people around me. Dad died nearly a year ago and I am looking for something of his he’s had forever, that will be a nice addition, once I get it restored (already researched it and have the name) to give to a scholarship made in his name at his alma mater.

Dad taught me to think and to make things better. My life has been spent doing so. Consider where you are and where you are headed. After years of schooling this is your philosophy. Dee


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