Herbs and Spices

Every year I get my brother-in-law a set of salt-free herbs/spices because he has high blood pressure and otherwise would only use copious amounts of pepper. I believe I even got him a high quality pepper mill, who knows, so many years.

Today an old business friend (she’s not old, the relationship is relatively so) helped us with insurance and compliance relationships and we wished to thank her. I ordered a box from Penzey’s with holiday herbs including basil, oregano, sage and thyme. I was told it would be delivered before Thanksgiving.

Dad always said the ladies talked too much about food. We were only taking care of you, dear. We enjoy making people happy, content, and wait at least 1/2 hour before getting into the swimming pool. Monopoly works for me, as does Uno or Scrabble. Those minutes can be tough, especially if it’s cold most months and one cannot swim for a half an hour after a tasty lunch. Listen to Robert Klein from the 70’s as a child of the 50’s. He knows that if you ate jello you could swim in ten minutes, franks and beans you’ll never swim again. He was always funny. Cheers! Dee



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