Oh, there are many. Marriage is supposed to be forever. A car or apartment lease is short and usually renewable, we’ve never leased a car.

Jobs, my husband’s grandmother told me when I was introduced and interviewed in her dining room, that she wanted my husband-to-be (everyone knew it was “meet the folks”) to have the same job for 50 years and get a gold watch.

Sadly, I told her that this concept has never been in his industry, software engineering and consulting. She accepted me anyway and is a dear lady who is now 92. We talk to her every week and visit when we can do so.

Length of engagements. I think business. There is no trust, only skill and luck, in what my husband sticks his neck out to do for a client. There is a bias in play that I’ll tell you about later. It’s a tough one to write.


OK, I’ll do it now. My husband grew up in Texas on a Dairy, now a Ranch. He has a slight Texas drawl. Very slight. He cannot work on the east coast because anyone with a southern accent is considered stupid.

My husband is a physicist and software engineer/consultant. He built a workshop as a kid to invent things and is a genius, better then three of his “peers.” I grew up in the north east and fit in, was smart and knew as a girl not to show it (no way wicked smart like him but in social sciences and literature) as I do emotional intelligence as well.

We did a map of all airport boardings and the Acela line from Boston to D.C. The elites with inherited money will not give him the time of day. He has to start from the midwest across the Mississippi and Missouri and bring us west where he can shine.

Dad always insisted as to amenities and especially views. We got him on those. He’s gone now, as of December, for a year and I miss his optimism, structure, enthusiasm, guidance and love of life. Joie de vivres! Dee




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