It’s a weekend so we all did our own thing for the non-holiday. There were only about fifteen little kids around our neighborhood mid-afternoon. Over half visited us. Mostly, they know us for our dog. They all want to pet her and give her a few treats, and if they’re old enough to understand they can ask her do a trick for her treat (appropriate for Halloween).

My husband insisted we make chocolate chip cookies this morning. I hate baking. Amazon Prime now has a service called Amazon Now. He called in his order for more baking supplies at six last night and they were delivered in two hours. Of course I’ve no place to put them!

I’m a good cook (not chef) and he can make jarred spaghetti sauce with boxed pasta and perhaps some sauteed beef or Italian sausage. We have made fresh pasta together, once on my ancient hand-cranked machine because he wanted to know how it worked. He needs to know how every machine works.

He has learned to make lovely pancakes once in a while and I whip the egg whites to make them light and foamy and don’t even ask him to place a tad of cinnamon in, and a teensy bit of vanilla to the wet mix, also honey.  I do it anyway and he loves it. That’s my idea. Real maple syrup or Lyle’s Golden Syrup from Britain, on top, are different ways to go. Fresh fruit or a berry compote are always great ideas as well.

Dad made the cheater pancake version with a packaged mix when we were in grade school. We loved coming home from church for that and either two sausages or two slices of bacon. God may had not have loved us much that day (we were good kids) but Dad always did.

Problem is, my husband hits the stove and walls with speckles of sauce, also counters and when he cooks I try to do the dishes and he doesn’t want to let me in,  probably because I’m always two steps behind with no, not the  sponge . Never mind that I will not be able to find any dish, pot or pan that he washed the next meal while I’m feeding us or Zoe.

Today, he guided me through making a recipe for make his Mother’s favorite (yes, he called and spent twenty minutes for the recipe the evening before, for chocolate chip cookies). I left cookies et al at age 10 to do savory foods as all three other gals in our family baked. So his mother gave him her favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe yesterday. He did the next batch. I was cleaning pots and pans and bowls and spatulas behind him. He hated my “intrusion” into “his” kitchen I’ve had for over 16 years and insisted on doing two more batches without me and it was really for the kids and for a physics experience. He could make the cookies better by tweaking measurements on his own mother’s riff on a recipe. Not my riffs. This for eight of 15 kids invited on the weekend to make it easy and safe for tricking and treating.

Do you know how many cookies we have? We’ve been giving them away like crazy. All the work was worth seeing the young children in their costumes. There were two kids, brother and sister, that were in homemade costumes. They were the coolest costumes of the day. A green bug with big green eyes sticking above her head. The elder wore something black with an impressive black cape with a large gold disc of gold sprinkles and color. I think he was a king and knight with sword and armor. Perhaps from Camelot.

I’ll tell you about hosting parties sometime, as a grade school student. It was so good to see kids today in their costumes and being more interested in our dog than they were in our cookies. Zoe likes that. She was so excited to hear a knock on our door. We put out a sign on our door to let them know they were invited. Sorry most of the grandparents didn’t have families here visiting, they missed some good cookies.

They did love my M-I-L’s cookies but were so happy to see and pet her that they just walked right in and made themselves at home. Can I hug Zoe? Give her a treat?

Boxed little raisins. Never get those for kids as it is the last candy on the grocery shelf. Kids think you’re cheating them. I did that for years in case they came to visit so I’d run out at the last minute and the only thing was left was raisins. I bought a bunch and while they liked and respected me, they were 7-12 at that time so no more costumes. I agree!

I should have used the leftover raisins to plump and to make stuffing for a pork loin. Cheers! Dee




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