We live in a place where my husband can be away on business all week. He wants to make sure that I am safe, as is dog Zoe. Perhaps once a year she gets something dead and ugly from the park (only when she’s on a 16′ leash and he’s on his cell) and has to vomit at 2:00 in the morning.

Security knows to call 911 or come find me if Zoe and I are not back in five minutes. That means when we return I can decide whether, not or what to feed her after her morning walk.

It means we’re safe. That and a stick under our door makes me feel better and be able to lift Zoe to the bed and sleep. Zoe is not a lap dog but is a herder and she guards the perimeters from her beds and lookout positions, depending upon where her “pack” is.

All Zoe can do is bark and she does not do so often. A two year-old could reach out for her food and she’d just look longingly at me asking Mommy, can I have some more? If someone is trying to break in, I get my phone and call 911. i just know to have our plans in place. My husband’s are better but he’s not around most times. Be safe out there! Dee


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