Concord Grapes

They are so perishable, I can never have one unless I’m Home. I get my husband Moon Drop grapes during the two-week season and steal one or two from the stash.

They’re tasty but not what I used to pick off the vine (it was allowed). Sometimes white grape juice will bring me back to childhood but I can’t find it. Sorry, I have never been a lover of PB&J. Yes, we’re talking Welch’s country before they let folks go and changed their HQ.

My heart aches for our old home and fields, trails, creeks and Concord grapes, strawberries and blueberries and cherries. I have photos I call “the greens” and I took most of the photos. They have different colored green mattes and frames I designed but they include a robust, very old Concord grape vine grown by a family friend. Don’t eat the seeds! Dee


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