The Body Electric

No, I’m not Walt Whitman. When I was a kid my parents had electric blankets to keep them warm in the cold winters.

Growing up, I knew I preferred down comforters, duvet covers, nice beds and mattress pads, and quality damask sheets. No, they never spoiled me….. I came up with much of it on my own. My own money and care.

That changed last year when my husband got me an electric jacket for winter. All I had to do was place extra batteries on the base after I took out our old dog Zoe. Aside from the sleeves it keeps my core and even hands (gloves are needed) warm in high winds and freezing weather. It goes along with my two Cossack hats, yes it’s cold so they are fur, one rabbit and the other lamb.

Yesterday a package arrived with something he said I wouldn’t want but would learn to like. It’s a simple electric heating pad, $8. I used it twice last night and fell into a deep sleep on the sofa. Usually I use his mother’s sewn 2# corn pad and it is hotter and great on the neck but too big for lower back pain, plus it cools quickly.

I never will have an electric blanket, love my down and just got everything cleaned. I will still use M’s hand-made corn bag from the grain bin, but will use the electric heating pad and jacket as needed. Cheers! Dee



2 responses to “The Body Electric

  1. Husband is now calling the heating pad my “bassinette” as I fall asleep as soon as it warms.

  2. He used it for 3 hours last night before I turned it off. Snore-fest. I think we may need to spend another $8 to get him one!

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