Dancers and Musicians

My third “Musketeer” the morning my father died was an art aficionado with eye problems. He spent an hour looking at art works and couldn’t believe that my father took up art at age 80. His wife was in the hospital recovering from hip surgery at the time and is fine now.

I brought in a charcoal sketch of dancers to my framer. My best guide, K was off that day. T made me choose everything myself and threw a Hail Mary at the last second.

When I called the next day K answered. I told her I awakened in the middle of of the night thinking I had created and paid for a disaster. Dad gave me that dancer drawing 27 years ago. I wanted him to have a photo of it before he died. It was not finished until two days after his funeral.

It is gorgeous and I look at it every day. He knows that he gave it to me eons ago but would be proud of me for making the Velveteen Rabbit real, in a real frame that honors his commitment to art, music, dance and education. That’s what he taught me. I’ve a plan that will at least bring it back to his gravesite, which I’ve not seen since the day he was lowered. They drove us all over the place so I had no idea where we were.

As for the Third Musketeer and his wife, they’re coming over for Brunch later this month. I’ve new works for him to peruse and his wife has never been here. Here’s to neighbors! Dee


One response to “Dancers and Musicians

  1. I said K, thank goodness you’re there! Before I could share concern she replied that she liked my choices and couldn’t wait to start work on it. Really? I had to do it myself and spent the night on those choices making sure they were right for Dad. I chose an undulating frame and fillip to bring the viewer’s eye to the work and movement of dancers. Dad and my brother have done that on stage for years. They never danced, I did. Yes, my mother made me take ballet so I could be a lady. So much for that!!

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