Yes, all dogs and cats out in neighborhoods around the country where I cared for you, I was bitten in under a second, in an elevator.

The dog was with a first-time pet sitter with a new company, no-one told her of the dog’s temperament or that he is usually carried to keep him from biting adults, children and other dogs.

We’re awaiting his shot records in case I have to go to the ER. An incident report has been filed because he has been after me and our old dog for years. This time he drew blood. Here comes hydrogen peroxide, Bacitracin and bandages. Yeah, owner never offered to pay for that or a visit to the ER.

Sanctioning inept canine blood draws is not acceptable so I registered a complaint. I’ve worked with up to 4K shelter dogs and shelter and feral cats for years but have never been bitten by them, or so viciously. I’m just lucky old Zoe was not with me at the time as she would have taken the brunt of it. She may have offered herself up to do so for her food wench and disciplinarian. All I did was nod my head to say hello, never reached out to pet him or moved my body.

I don’t need a tetanus shot, but should get one anyway as I’m overdue. An advocate of responsible pet ownership, our Zoe has all her shots and is a model of good dog behavior. When owners get a dog and don’t spend any time or training and teach them that anything they do is OK that’s a problem, especially when they are a danger to all.

With a human, they would be put in a psych ward on a 72 hour hold for what this dog did to me. I don’t know what happened to them but haven’t seen them in a few weeks. Animal Control may have to weigh in on this. I’m keeping a stick under our door so the dog’s owner can’t come get us if they take the dog he didn’t train. Sadly, I think the dog was underserved by its owner. That is never a good thing. No cheers right now, Dee



2 responses to “Bitten

  1. I’m up for a tetanus update, not that I need it right now. It’ll last ten years. Just waiting for scheduling. As trainer Barbara Woodhouse would have put it, paraphrasing: I can train any dog in five minutes. For the owner, it takes longer. Heaven rest her soul, she taught me so much about the essence of especially having dogs. You just cut to the core and get the basics. Herding cattle? Eliminating vermin? We chose a sick dog that wanted to herd us and has been doing so for nearly 14 years. We made a wise choice.

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