and speaking another language. I wish I could be so fluent in languages other than English. My husband heard me talking in my sleep.

He could not tell whether it was French, Italian or Greek. He would have known it if it was Texan! It took me a good year to be able to understand his father or brother on the phone, until I finally met them. All y’all take care now. What? I singly caused the War of Northern Aggression even though I was born 100 years later?

For all y’all out there that was called by Northerners The Civil War. There was nothing civil about it. And I doubt that I was talking Texan at that time because my husband would have understood every word. And his mother would have called me the next day. Or his daddy would have called me to confirm that I started the war that killed President Lincoln as he was actually a Republican. Fox news would have been different if attorney Lincoln was around today.

Y’all is one. All y’all is many. Something I’ve picked up over the years. There’s nothin’ like a bit of Texas, and try the brisket. On a paper towel, with a dry piece of white bread and bland piece of fake cheddar cheese. It is fabulous. I’m talking Louis Mueller’s in Taylor TX. Sit at a picnic bench indoors and smell the smoke.

I really have no clue what I was saying in my sleep or in what language I said it. I like that my husband told me about it. I don’t sleep much or deeply and am happy to have confused him that night. Cheers and have a good sleep! Dee




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