Making a Difference

Some do it in a subtle way, our family does not. Stand out there on the diving board without knowing how to dive, then just do it, That is what we do.

We create and help existing non-profit organizations help themselves. They don’t like or embrace change. If it gets done (funding) it’s their win. If they refuse it is our loss of a client. That’s the way it goes, from a small theater to a huge computer company.

It doesn’t stop us from making a difference. I was once told by a client who made $39 on a three-day run of a children’s performance (they were great) that I could fill the house on a local business, get free press and enhance the youth program.

I now have a program on my wall that is signed by all the child actors. The Manager told me that $39 was more than $2,500. That is how businesses go bankrupt. We kicked up attendance and youth enrollment and it was all because of an idea I had in a dream and awakened at 3:00 a.m. and wrote it down.

Change. It’s scary but must be embraced as a fact of life, I don’t look like the gymnast I was at age fifteen. That is change. Businesses reject change even though they need it.

We are brought in to change for the better. Sometimes it is embraced, sometimes not, it’s their choice. Our family always looks for the better. Dee


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